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Public Art in the Gay Street District

Current, Janet Echelman, 2023.

Created by world-renowned sculptor Janet Echelman, Current is a true marvel of engineering and artistry, comprising of 78 miles of twine intricately woven into over 500,000 knots. As it dances gracefully in the wind, this awe-inspiring work of art will become an emblem of the city, a symbol of its culture and innovation. Walking beneath this massive artwork, you’ll know you’ve arrived at the nexus of culture in Columbus.

The Beauty of Letting Go, Francesca Miller, 2023.
50 W Gay St, on the Beacon building

Statement from the artist: As I currently find myself in the middle of major life transitions, I’m coming to terms with letting go of things I’ve been holding onto far longer than I should. With that, I’ve pondered what would happen if I thought more of what I’d gain than what I’m losing, when doing so. I’m finding that in life, there are many opportunities to learn of the beauty that lies on the other side of letting go. That there are many valuable lessons and experiences in doing so. We all find ourselves having to let go of something at some point, and many of us often do so reluctantly, with our head down and eyes closed much like the willing-but-not-yet-ready young girl on the left side of the image. Over time, we realize we’ve created space to be much like the baby in the center of this mural; open and aware of the beauty in what’s around us, even if doesn’t necessarily belong to us. And eventually, like the young lady on the right hand side, you find yourself (still open) and ready to receive all that is coming directly to you.

My hope is that this piece will speak to people in a way that is very personal to them, even if it’s just what they feel when they look at the colors. For me, it is a reminder that letting go isn’t the loss we always think it is. There is so much to gain in doing it, and the beauty and lessons are simple inevitables.

Somewhere Else, Dillon Beck, 2023.
Pearl Alley

Statement from the artist: “Most of my work is built around the concept of escape – not necessarily somewhere better or somewhere worse; just somewhere different. I think that’s why I enjoy using imagery like stairs, doorways, and ladders. They imply movement and transition without necessarily implying a direction. Maybe you’re climbing up the ladder and wandering in the clouds, or maybe you’re coming back to reality after a nice escape. Either way, it’s nice to get lost sometimes.”

Rainbowbending, Andrea Myers, 2023.

Keep Those Dreams Burning Forever, Garrison Latimer, 2023
Can You Wait for the Sidewalk & Can it Wait for You
, Garrison Latimer, 2023

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