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Downtown Strategic Plan

Building the future of Downtown Columbus

The Downtown Columbus Strategic Plan was developed in 2022 by Downtown Columbus, Inc., with input from thousands of Columbus Region residents, businesses, and civic leaders who weighed in on what should be prioritized to build the ideal future for Downtown Columbus.  

Downtown Columbus, Inc. is the lead organization that drives progress of the plan, guided by two essential principles: Inaction is not an option, and the plan cannot be achieved through the work of any one organization alone.  

The Plan will succeed because of the collective efforts of various organizations and individuals, both public and private. Downtown Columbus itself is well-positioned as a location that is uniquely development-ready and already growing. 

The Plan’s primary area of study and focus is specifically focused on Downtown, roughly bordered by I-670 to the north, I-71 to the east, I-70/71 to the south, and the railroad tracks to the west, including the Scioto Peninsula.  

2040 Strategic Plan Goals

The Downtown Columbus Strategic Plan aims to achieve the following by 2040.

When these goals are achieved, wherever you stand in Downtown Columbus, you’ll find housing, employment, entertainment, and everyday essentials within a walk of 15 minutes or less.   

40,000 Residents

Residents are the cornerstone of Downtown Columbus' growth. With a current residential population of 12,000, nurturing this burgeoning residential community will propel our downtown towards becoming a thriving destination for both employees and visitors alike.

120,000 Workers

With a future-focused workforce both learning and earning here, Downtown Columbus aims to become not only a hub for commerce but also a vibrant community where employees can thrive both personally and professionally.

10 Million Annual Visitors

With world-class attractions, events, and hospitality offerings, Downtown Columbus is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment where visitors can explore, connect, and be inspired. Whether here for business or leisure, Downtown Columbus strives to captivate and delight visitors from near and far.

Discover the dynamic efforts shaping the future of Downtown.

Past Community Workshops

The community called for a more inclusive, more equitable, and more vibrant Downtown, but you don’t have to take our word for it. See what was said as part of the community engagement process for the 2022 Downtown Columbus Strategic Plan.

Downtown Commission

You can view the live-streamed Downtown Commission meeting from September 27, 2022 here.

Community Workshop #2

You can view the recap from the Community Workshop from April 2022 here.

Community Workshop #1

You can view the video from the virtual Community Workshop from January 2022 here.